Southern Cal February 2017

At the beginning of February I was in the Bay Area and Sacramento. I preached several times in San Francisco. Also once in Berkeley & Oakland. I was hindered because of the constant rain we have been having here in California. This ends the worst drought in California history. It didn’t come without some flooding. I have had plenty of rest since the holidays and now embark on a long trip come April, the Lord willing.

Jacob preaches in downtown Los Angeles

Greater Los Angeles Area

Like last year a group from the Bay Area plus Bob Loeffert from Pittsburgh, PA came down for a week here in the Los Angeles area. We did a repeat this year. This year’s group: Bob Loeffert, Eric & Jill Baxter, Dani Beshwati, and Jacob from the SOS ministry house. They arrived a few days before I did. We ended up going to several differents spots including downtown Los Angeles, Santa Monica, and North Hollywood. We attended Grace Community Church and went out with their evangelism team afterwards. Each day we had group devotions with nightly prayer and testimonies on what the Lord did that particular day.

I continued on here in LA as the group left for home. I am staying with high school friend; Dan Allen and his family in Monterey Park. I have been battling a cold and sore throat but continue to go out in downtown LA to various spots. Next week I leave for Orange County and then San Diego.

People Encounters

Some of the highlighted people I talked to that perhaps you could lift up in prayer are the following: A young man in San Francisco whose name I could not pronounce but I will refer to him as Eutychus. He came up to me and so I stopped preaching to answer his questions the best I could. I was able to minister to him for about 10 minutes before he left. He seemed to be seeking and his questions sincere. He may not be far from the Kingdom of God.

I saw Michael in Santa Monica while preaching. The other team members had already talked and prayed with him, however I wanted to talk to him since he was listening to my preaching for quite awhile. He told me he believed in Jesus but that he was always agitated and couldn’t not stay still. This was evident as he acted somewhat disturbed. He said he thought he might have a demon. I called him over and prayed for the deaf and dumb spirit to leave him. I just said it once in Jesus’ name. There was not a lot of pomp. He hung out the rest of the time but not sure if he got relief.

On the same afternoon I noticed a young man on a bike in my peripheral vision. He was about 30 yards away but was listening intently while I preached. It looked like he was holding a Gospel tract, perhaps someone gave him one.

In downtown LA I talked to two separate men. The first was Oscar who listened awhile before mentioning that he would be let into heaven because he feed the hungry and visited the sick as laid out in Matthew chapter 25. I asked him if he did that 100% of the time and he said no. I told him Jesus said to be perfect as my Father in heaven is perfect and asked him if he were perfect. No he responded. I then shared that is why we need a savior. At this point I let Jacob preach and I talked to Oscar some more. He had some mental problems of some sort but had read the Bible and was asking questions. He took a Bible and I prayed for him before he left.

The other man was Alex who was taking photos of the area. I talked to him (as well as the other team members) He had a church background but it sounded religious and controlling. I asked if he thought he was born again. He couldn’t really answer so I witnessed to him for awhile before we went to another corner.

Oscar (black hooded sweatshirt) listens while I preach in Los Angeles


  1. Did Oscar ever confirm if he was born again? I was touched to add him to my prayer list of people you have met. It sounds as if he is helping others and doing good deeds, but we know even good people will not go to Heaven if they do not accept the Lord Jesus Christ, so I will pray for him. Keep up the good work you are doing and others of us are behind you praying. God bless you and give you good health.


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