Orange & Green

After my last blog report I remained in Los Angeles and did preaching downtown. I developed a cold with a sore throat and somewhat of a fever. This prevented me from going out on several of the days I had planned to. As per custom I stayed with my high school friend Dan Allen, a pastor at Southland Christian Church in Bell, California. I attended Dan’s after-school program and services at Southland.

Currently I’m still in Southern California working my way up the coast back to home base. First I will be in the San Francisco Bay Area and then the Sacramento area till the end of March before leaving on a long trip in April that will last through the first part of June. The Lord willing, I will be going through the Midwest as far as Chicago before returning to California. Thank you everyone who has been praying for me and my many mission trips. While in San Diego I went downtown once but mostly to colleges.

Orange County California

After preaching one day in Long Beach (this was a first) I headed south. I did something on this trip that was a little different. I meandered down through Orange County and preached in Santa Ana, Anaheim, and Irvine, California. These cities of course are not like the bigger ones, however there were plenty of people on the street to minister to. I was able to hand out a fair amount of gospels of John and some Bibles. I stayed 3 nights at the Calvary Chapel of Tustin parking lot after receiving permission. I attended a couple of their midweek meetings as well.

Jerry & Brianna (new worker) both witnessing to students at Grossmont College

In Irvine at the University of California Irvine, I must have talked to one young man named Darian for about 45 minutes. That was highlight of the day. The rest of the crowds for the most part seemed proud and indifferent. This is a rich area and a rich school. The student Darien had some questions about the Bible. He said he had been reading it all the way through. He is a self-proclaimed seeking atheist and it was an interesting discussion with him. He seemed to be open to God and I encouraged him to keep seeking the Lord.

St Patrick’s Day Parade

The annual St Patrick’s Day Parade near Balboa Park was a good outreach. I have preached at this green event several times in the past. There’s a lot of things I could preach on at an event like this; the pride of the Irish, the drunken Irish, and the fighting Irish, however I decided to stick to the basic gospel message as I always do. Jerry Benson and myself walked the parade route with me preaching using my little orange amp and Jerry lagging behind handing out tracts to as many as he could. Between the two of us we handed out about 700 tracts, most of these were Jerry’s efforts. During the parade we hung around in the background and handed out tracts to the people. Once the parade was over I did some more preaching and we worked our way back to the vehicle. We had many one-on-one conversations on the way back also. It was a great event and lots of people heard the gospel. To my knowledge there was no other Christian group out there doing evangelism. Sometimes we meet larger Christian groups. Doug De Bellevue, whom I know, and Cindy were out there handing out tracts and talking to people.

Hard Days Night

Working the fields of the college campuses I noticed something. Many students wear t-shirts or sweatshirts with the name of a nineteen sixties or seventies rock band. The most common ones of these are the Beatles, Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, and the Doors. I use this opportunity to share the gospel. I start off usually by asking them if they are a fan of the group or if it’s just some shirt someone gave them. Once I determine if they really like the band I ask if I can test their knowledge. I ask them a series of trivia questions. (all in my head) In most cases they get the questions wrong or they can’t answer them. I then proceed to tell them the details of these bands and incorporate my testimony of my past drug use and how the Lord Jesus Christ delivered me out of it. I then share the gospel with them. Roman a young man at a community college in Chula Vista was wearing a Beatles shirt when I approached him. I got to share the gospel with him and afterwards he thanked me for talking to him.

On another occasion at a different college I saw a girl with a logo on her shirt. I couldn’t read it very well but it said something about the veil. I then bluntly told her that Christ when he died on the cross the veil in the temple was ripped in two. I then proceeded to give her a quick lesson on Old Testament ceremonial laws and the temple and in comparison to Christ. She seemed to follow although it may have been something hard for her to grasp. I did share Christ with her and she listened for about five minutes.

Other Collegiate Conversations

I met Brian who professed faith in Christ but yet it revealed in his testimony that he was still trusting in works. I challenged him and then talked about being born again, and prayed for him. There was a gal Stacy who was a Catholic but was very open to what I said and I shared the whole gospel with her and also gave her a gospel John. There was John, one who said he was content with believing in, “nothing happens” after we die. He mentioned some Greek mythology things which almost was a rabbit trail. I gave him a gospel John and share the gospel with him as well. The students here very open and there a lot of Christians on campus however many of them cannot express their faith very well. This may indicate that they’re just weak and not discipled, or are not born again themselves. There were many other conversations but some of them I can’t remember.

Two Jeremiah’s

I talked to two different young men named Jeremiah. The first was at Cuyamaca College. Again this was someone who claimed to be a Christian but did not know the basics, nor about being born again. I was able to share with him as a faculty member tried to interrupt to ask if we had permission to be there. The other Jeremiah was a busboy at a restaurant Jerry and I went to before I left San Diego. He was going to be a fireman and EMT. He said he went to church. I asked him if I were dying on the side of the road and asked him how do I get right with God, what would he say? He couldn’t respond and we realized he was not saved. He listened as Jerry and I shared the Gospel with him over the next ten minutes or so.


  1. Larry, loved your honesty about ‘forgetting’. Something you may already do, but I will just mention is writing in a book of rememberence, just jotting down just a few words so it will stir your memory and not be cumbersome. Just a thought…praying for these individuals and you Brother.


  2. As always, good to hear from you. Especially enjoyed how you asked trivia questions of the students in 60’s and 70’s rock band t-shirts. Great way to get your foot in the door. See you end of March my Brother, and your ministry is in my prayers.


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