High Plains Drifter

Dubbed the term from an old western I have been drifting around trying to avoid the snow (drifts). As I left Spokane, the first leg of my journey east took me through the state of Idaho and into Montana across the Rocky Mountains. This was a pleasant seven-hour drive as a I rolled into Bozeman, Montana where I stayed the night at the local Walmart. I awoke to snow coming down, although it wasn’t sticking on the ground, it was like a winter wonderland. Leaving there I made it to Billings which was the first of four cities I planned on preaching before reaching the Midwest. I had never been to the Dakotas before. Although it is late April it is still bitter cold here during the day and at night; the temperatures dropped into the low 20’s. I had to abort my original plan to go to Fargo and Detour about 300 miles out of my way to avoid an incoming snowstorm (and high winds) that ended up leaving 3” accumulations over the Fargo area. Thank you so much for your prayers and concerns. I made it to Minnesota where I will begin preaching in major cities in the area.

Fargo Snow
Residue of Late April Snow in Fargo, North Dakota

Billings, Montana

(110,000 population) Rain and wind threatened my outreach to Billings. But praise the Lord after prayer He opened up a window of opportunity during the noon hour. I was able to preach in the early afternoon free of any kind of inclement weather, although it was cold out. I handed out one Gospel to Timothy, a man who came over after hearing the preaching. He had just gotten out of the hospital for diabetes problems. I prayed for him and gave him a few bucks for food. He had made arrangements with a local church and some friends for further care. He was in a wheelchair since he had some toes amputated. I had one heckler that walked by and said I was full of. I thanked him and finish my preaching. I have been to Billings two other times in my life but this was the first time preaching. I noticed the people are not much different here than they are in California; mostly indifferent.

Bismarck, North Dakota

(69,000 Population) I woke up to a very cold morning. Using the propane heater I got warm and it seemed that everything was fine regarding the van and electronics. I went into Walmart to use the internet (Subway) and realized it is snowing in Fargo so I plan to re-route to head south and then over to Sioux Falls after preaching downtown.

In downtown Bismarck I found a place on 5th and Broadway. I discovered the amp works real well during the cold weather, it seemed to reverberate off of the buildings better for some reason. I didn’t have to turn it up very loud and was heard clearly to the people passing by and also to various cars that came into the intersection. Most the people that passed by were indifferent and I didn’t hand out any gospel materials here. The police drove by several times and I never had any problems with them here nor in any of the other cities.

After leaving Bismarck I ended up in Pierre, South Dakota where I stayed the night at Walmart. It wasn’t as cold here and I found this Walmart a great place to stay .

Sioux Falls, South Dakota

(170,000 population) Woke up about 4 a.m. got my coffee and had some quiet time with the Lord. I then straighten out the van and headed for Sioux Falls. I drove almost three and a half hours to Planet Fitness where I got a shower, the first one since I left Spokane. Got gas at the Costco next door for $2.13 a gallon.

My preaching was on Phillip Street and 11th. When I first got there, there was no one to be found and it was very cold outside. I went by faith and started preaching. It wasn’t too long, right about noon that people started coming through. There were a number of restaurants in the area. The foot traffic continued as I stopped about 1 o’clock preaching for a full hour. Once again I failed to hand out any gospel materials. I did have one lady come by and said she wanted to encourage me by sharing that the preaching was glorifying God even if people didn’t pay attention.

Fargo, North Dakota

(116,000 population) I arrived downtown Fargo at around 11:20 am and found a great parking place right by the corner I was going to preach at. The corner was 1st and Broadway. At first there wasn’t many people except a small flow of foot traffic. There was still residue of snow on the ground from the snowstorm they had a few days before. I started preaching in ended up reaching a little bit over an hour. It went real well and the highlight was talking to a gal named Pixie. She came up and got some gospels and a book. We visited a tad. I ended up praying for her at the end and gave her a Subway card in the homeless pack. She seemed to know the Lord and we shared some scriptures. I gave her my contact info and after prayer we parted ways. Pixie asked me if I ever thought of being a minister. Once I left I wished I had taken a picture of her. Sometimes the best ministry is never recorded here but in heaven.


  1. Great that you are doing this Larry! Praise the Lord! May the Lord open up more cities for you. Bring him people Lord and let them be ready to receive from you. Lord please protect and provide for my brother. In Jesus’s name.


  2. Great hearing how the Lord is using you. You’re in our thoughts and prayers. Looking forward to hearing more. May the grace and peace of our Savior continue to be upon you.


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