Great Lakes – Great God

Downtown Minneapolis on May 1st – Late Spring Storm Creates Ghost Town

Just when I thought I was out of the cold & snow I arrived in Minneapolis just to get skunked; no preaching the one day I was there due to snow, wind & heavy rains. I put forth the college try to no avail. I parked at the transit station and took a bus downtown along with my amp. I was prepared to preach with or without it. When I got there it was like a ghost town. The streets were literally empty. I have included a picture and you may notice that down the street there is an enclosed walkway over the street that goes between buildings. Minneapolis has lots of these. I notice the people that were around were using these. I have been here once before in 2013 and these same streets were packed with people.

The next day I was able to preach in St Paul (Twin City to Minneapolis) and had a divine appointment with a young man named Bradley who was ignorant of salvation but listened as I shared the Gospel with him privately. He also took a Gospel. This was really a blessing after 6 orthodox priests in brown robes went by totally ignoring me.

I headed for Madison, Wisconsin where the whole town is dominated by the University of Wisconsin. I preached on a quiet street that had hundreds of people go by, mostly students. In the two-hour time frame I was there, I was able to interact with a few; namely Thomas who showed great interest in the things of God. After I finished up I drove down the road a bit to Walsworth, Wisconsin to “Inspiration Ministries” where I met up with a man of similar occupation – traveling the country sharing the Gospel. Larry Stevens had invited me down to where he was staying and I spent the night as we caught up. Larry sings and shares Jesus at nursing homes around the nation.

The next day I drove the short trip to Milwaukee which is on Lake Michigan, one of the Great Lakes. I had preached here once before but today was at a different location. I am glad I ended up here because the people were more receptive. They took all but a few items including the Gospels of John I had on a little mat. It was slow at first but something broke through and it was a great experience.

Monroe & Dearborn in Downtown Chicago – No Shortage of People

Chicago was the next stop around Lake Michigan where I really found out why they call it the windy city. When I woke up at a nearby Walmart the side door of my van blew off its hinge. Thankfully it has a safety mechanism so it didn’t break beyond repair. I took the infamous “L” train into downtown and set up on the corner of Monroe & Dearborn. Tons of people as you would expect from the 3rd largest city in the nation. I had a great time and preached for quite awhile. It was cold and blistery. A Christian man brought me a cup of coffee. I used my largest amp (50 watts) and when turned up halfway you can hear it for at least four blocks. I didn’t have it that loud but it sounded good and no one forbidding it. Chicago is unique in that once in what they call “The Loop” you could preach on any corner within a ten block radius and have more than enough people walk by.

I left Chicago and drove around the Lake into Indiana and another time zone. I stayed the night in Michigan City, Indiana before heading up into Michigan where I spent the next several days preaching in Grand Rapids, Lansing, and Ann Arbor. Each of these cities had plenty of people on the street to witness to and the Gospel was well received from some. While in Ann Arbor, home of the University of Michigan, I found out that most of the students were gone from campus (graduation already) but it still had lots of folks on the streets. It kind of reminded me of Berkeley.

After finishing up in the state of Michigan I went to Toledo, Ohio which was somewhat of a bust. Not one person came up and in any way identified with Christ. I usually get at least a few people who let me know they are for the Lord. Toledo is my farthest city east on this trip, some 2,200 miles from Sacramento. As I write this report I just got done preaching in Fort Wayne, Indiana which was ok but nothing exciting to mention. The last five cities I’ve preached in have been brand new ones I had never been to before. I sit here outside of Indianapolis where I am due to preach on Monday. This Sunday I have picked out an Ethiopian Church in the area. They are into prayer and evangelism. Can’t wait! We have a great God!

Once I get back I will be posting all my pictures. Thank you all so much for your prayers and encouragement. Oh if you haven’t heard I am now a grandpa and I just turned 60 in April – great timing!


  1. Thanks Larry, Great God, great report, and great news with your new addition to your family Grandpa and a very big shoutout Happy Birthday on 60 and may God bless you with many more birthdays n grandchildrens n prechings, God bless


    1. Great report Larry! Thanks for your faithfulness. Look forward to working together soon.


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