Midwest Spring 2017 Summary

I wanted to give a final report summarizing my recent trip to the Midwest and back. Although I spent some time in the Seattle area along with a few visits on the way, my preaching trip didn’t really start until I reached Spokane, Washington. I left there on April 24th and arrived back here in the Bay Area on May 30th. I traveled over 5,800 miles spanning 20 states. I preached in 27 cities of which 20 were brand new that I had never preached in before. Because of inclement weather, two cities I had planned to preach in were cancelled. They were Minneapolis & Omaha. However I was able to add seven cities to the itinerary, all being new cities. The top 3 cities based on my subjective experience and other criteria are: 1. Des Moines 2. Denver 3. Reno. The city that gets the dubious honor of the biggest bust was Davenport, Iowa. Paul tells us to judge nothing before the time. It was a great trip although as always the masses were indifferent and apathetic.

Blue States = Midwest Trip Spring 2017  ~  20 States  ~  Preached in 27 Cities

Personally I draw closer to the Lord on these trips. I have found that I prefer to go from town to town spending just one day preaching in each place. The weekends are often used to travel and bridge the gap between locations. I was able to attend church on Sunday every week wherever I was and also a few midweek prayer and fellowship meetings. As you may know by reading my early reports the weather was somewhat crazy and unpredictable but the Lord saw me through. The van continues to run great and the Lord has blessed the ministry providing everything needed for such an endeavor preaching the Gospel across the United States.


I want to thank once again everyone who prayed and helped in many other ways as well. For all of you it has been a great partnership. Eternity well reveal all the fruits of our labor in the Gospel. I am very excited. This summer will be traveling up to the Pacific Northwest and in California, preaching of course. This fall, in the will of God, I hope to travel once more through the south reaching the East Coast and by my return will have preached in all the lower 48.

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