The Bluest Skies…

The bluest skies you’ve ever seen are in Seattle; a song by Perry Como. Growing up here in Seattle I always thought he obviously was not here most of the year. However in the summertime it is hard to be a nice day here in the Pacific Northwest. It has been absolutely beautiful, in the mid seventies and sunny everyday for the last couple of weeks. This makes the street preaching very easy not having to contend with the weather and the people are outside. I just spent a couple weeks here in the Seattle area. Some of my time was visiting friends and relatives, and in particular one friend of mine who has cancer. I was able to get out and preach several times in Seattle and in the city of Bellevue.

4th & Pine Street in Downtown Seattle – Summertime Crowds

Seattle 3rd & Pike

I was on the corner of 3rd & Pike. It was an interesting day. It was very difficult at first as people kept trying to interfere one way or another. The first man who came up that was friendly was Derek who took a large print Gospel and thanked me for being out there. He said it made his day. I had some interference by some people I would classify as demonized. Then an aid car and ambulance came and parked right by me to haul someone out of the Ross clothing store. Right after that the police arrested a woman (not sure why) right in front of me. I stopped preaching briefly then continued. /At the end of the hour and half I was there it became evident there was a breakthrough in the Spirit. The commotion stopped and several people stopped to listen and give me encouragement. It was during this time also that I gave away a slug of materials including one Bible. I was able to talk with some of the street people. Very good day!

Outside Expedia Building in Bellevue

Techies Hear Gospel

The city of Bellevue, Washington is host of many top companies including; Expedia, T-Mobile, and Microsoft. Bellevue over the last several years has become a renown city, not just a bedroom community of Seattle. The are streets lined with modest skyscrapers, and more being built all the time. It can be seen from across Lake Washington on the Seattle side. This was not the case when I grew up here as a kid. I preached in Bellevue twice; both times were on very busy corners. One day I preached down in front of the Expedia building and as they came out for lunch in groves, I preached the gospel for a good hour and a half. Out of the several hundred that afternoon I recall two that identified themselves as Christians.

On the Waterfront

On my first day in Seattle I met my son Matt and his wife for lunch. We met on the waterfront as they were there doing the tourist thing. I got there early and had a hard time parking, however, I finally found a good spot close by but on a street that was somewhat hidden. Anyway it was during my visit with them that I noticed that this place had lots of people like Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco. I decided then to come back here and try preaching. I saw other performers but I didn’t see anyone using an amp.

Well the last day here on my way out of town I went to the waterfront. When my parking spot (the one I had when I met up with Matt) was not available I almost gave up. I then found a better one right in front of the Aquarium, which is where I set up to preach. Most of the crowd was crossing the intersection since there was not only parking on the other side of the street, but a way to go up to the Pike Place Market. Anyway I preached for about an hour and estimated that there must have been anywhere between 700 – 1000 people who heard the Gospel. I had no real opposition and a few supporters.

Very Busy on the Waterfront in Seattle

Snohomish Kla Ha Ya Parade

Finally the last part of my report – I was able to preach at a festival parade in the city of Snohomish which is a suburb of Seattle. Nothing spectacular to report just that I was able to go up and down the parade preaching and walking a great distance. My leg and back did not bother me at all and I was able to preach to the masses of people that lined up to watch this parade. There were a few Christians that showed support in one way or another, but most of the crowd, like everywhere else I go was indifferent and apathetic.

Alameda Revisited

On a side note I was able to do the 4th of July parade in Alameda California prior to coming to the Seattle area. This was the third time I have done this event over the past several years. This went very well as we had many brothers out there handing out tracts and two of us preaching. On the other end of the parade route Alameda Chapel and their group were handing out tracts and working their way towards the center of the parade as well. We felt we covered this event quite well and were blessed to be able to serve the Lord in this fashion. The day before I also took a trip down to Fisherman’s Wharf with Andy Conway, Dan Losak, and the Baxter’s as we preached and evangelized. I haven’t been down to the Wharf in quite some time since traveling the country. Thank you all for your prayers and support, until we meet again Go with God – God bless!

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