Bible on the Bayou

I’m writing this blog update from Pensacola, Florida where there is a hurricane coming up through southern Florida. At this point it is uncertain if it will affect Pensacola to the point of evacuation. The continued prediction is showing the hurricane moving further west to now Tallahassee is included in its path. My next report will have more on the hurricane. One of my concerns is it will affect my travel plans going to Southern Florida it could be up to 3 weeks or longer before everything is back to normal.

I have just gone through several Southern cities. I started my preaching in Shreveport, Louisiana. I then moved on to Jackson, Mississippi; then I headed down to Baton Rouge, Louisiana. After that it was over to Mobile, Alabama before coming here to Pensacola.

Mobile, Alabama as Viewed From the Dashboard of the Van

Bayou Country

These cities are well within the infamous “Bible Belt”. I noticed however that people here are indifferent and somewhat complacent of their faith and the Gospel in general. I didn’t move very many of the written materials. These are; Bibles, Gospels of John, and other Christian literature. I had a few conversations and I had a few people I was able to pray with. Each city took on its own challenges. I had to deal with some humidity and heat but the van ran well and I’m doing fine. The highlight was Woody, a man who was parked around a corner in Shreveport, heard me preaching and got out of the car to come talk to me. I was able to pray for his walk in the Lord.

God’s Car Wash

On two different occasions, the first being in Flagstaff, Arizona, the van was washed by rainstorms. As I passed through there was a thunderstorm so severe and the rain hit the van so hard it washed off all the dirt and all the bugs off the windshield. Similarly in Jackson, Mississippi I had the same thing happen. I was planning on getting the van washed the next day but because the rain again was so heavy it washed off all the bugs and dust, I decided not to get the van washed. God had taken care of it all for me. I didn’t have the nerve to tell Him that He missed a few spots. I try to keep the van clean so that it has a good appearance when I park at Walmart’s and in other places. I noticed that the better-looking your vehicle is, the less hassle you’re going to get from security or police. Believe it or not people judge outwardly. Sometimes on these road trips it doesn’t pay off to have the van washed at a car wash for $10 or $12 and then only have it get very dirty the very next day, so it was nice to have just a basic job done by this rain.


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