Gone to Carolina

Since my last blog post I have covered a lot of ground. Most of my preaching has been in the Carolinas (North and South). After leaving Pensacola I headed north to Montgomery, Alabama where I preached a solid hour as it threatened to rain. Not too many people on the street but it was announced. I felt I gave a good message that day. After that it was onto two cities in Georgia; Columbus and Augusta. Both of these cities were not a street preachers dream but I got the job done. In Augusta they had the streets blocked off downtown for some reason and I had to go to an inferior corner. It was somewhat of a bust, but you never know.

South Carolina

In Columbia, South Carolina I went to a corner that was bustling with people. After about a half hour I was told by a city ambassador and police officer that I couldn’t preach using the amp. Both of them were rude. So much for Southern hospitality. I was miffed and figured I had nothing to lose. I was too tired and it was so hot and humid so preaching without the amp was not an option this day. I went back to the van and rigged one of my speakers up so that it broadcasted out the passenger window. I drove up and down the streets in downtown preaching out my window.

I had a better time at Myrtle Beach where I set up on a busy corner where the people walk by to see the attractions. This is kind of like Santa Cruz. There were plenty of people. The highlight was about halfway through. A man came up and sat down by me and eventually was laying down. He seemed to look homeless and not sure what he was up to. I kept preaching and a few of his buddies came by and I stopped preaching and shared with them. One of them took a Gospel. That was when Marshall, the man laying down revealed he was a believer and to keep up the preaching. That is what I did and when finished Marshall said he was so encouraged by the message and that is what he needed to hear. He must of mentioned this at least three times. I gave him some goodies and then I prayed for him. He also in returned prayed for me. As we parted ways I continued to pray for him.

Downtown Raleigh, North Carolina as Seen From Freeway

The next day was Sunday. I went to West Monroe Baptist Church. They were friendly enough. It was a large church, which most of the churches are here. It was a large brick building. Huge! This one had several out buildings as well. The service was good. The pastor preached a good message from 1 Cor 9 and did a good job. I met him briefly. I had an odd thing happen as I sat there and observed an older gal in front of me scrolling through a shopping website during the service. She was looking at shoes.

North Carolina

The following day I traveled into Charlotte, one of the biggest cities in the South with 850,000 people. I got parking and found myself in the hub of the city on Trade & Tryon Streets. There were lots of people and I preached for an hour and a half. Several police rode by on bikes and one was right behind me. I thought he wanted me to stop and talk but he ignored me and drove off on a call. I met two other evangelists/preachers. The first was Randy and the second one was Sam. I met them separately but apparently they know each other but don’t work together. Both of them took a few items from the carpet but they were the only ones. The crowds seemed distant and harden. I was surprised since this was the bible belt. Anyway I visited with Randy before he had to go. Sam came later and preached across from me. He finally came over and acknowledged me. Once I stopped we visited a few minutes and then I prayed for him. Great day. Randy seemed to be more like-minded about what should be shared in the Gospel and showed much maturity. Sam although somewhat shallow in his preaching had great zeal.

The Fab Four

All four of these cities, Winston-Salem, Greensboro, Durham, & Raleigh are very close to each other spanning the upper half of North Carolina. They all have populations over 250,000 with Raleigh the largest with 450,000. Raleigh also had the biggest downtown area with infrastructure. Each city was good to preach in. Winston-Salem brought the most visible fruit. Right from the start many Gospels were taken and a young man came up who recently received Christ. He was asking me questions and I answered over the microphone. This seemed to flow and many others gathered to listen. Eventually this came to an abrupt stop as a police officer came up and said there was a complaint on the amp. By the time I dealt with her everyone was gone. I concluded the Spirit was done with me this particular day and moved on. If anyone would like to see a typical day on the streets Greensboro would have been that city for the day I was there. There was freedom to preach with the amp. Several people came by interested but most indifferent and ignored. Durham and Raleigh were both good.

Moving On

I stopped in Summerville, SC to see my great nephew Kyle and his two daughters Brooke and Cassidy (my 2 great-great nieces) I only stayed one night and left the next day but it was a good visit. I have not seen them since they left California about 4 years ago. Kyle tried to get my AC working in the van. So far so good on what we realize is a temporary fix. Hopefully it will last until I make it further north. It gets to be about 85-90 degrees with 80% humidity. I am adjusting somewhat. Kyle’s household was chaotic and was not really able to get a good conversation with him about his former profession in the Lord. He is attending church to my surprise. I prayed for him before leaving.

I attended church the next day in Claxton, Georgia where Pastor James Tippins has started a church; Grace Truth Church. He was in Newark, CA a few years back. Although we have never met before we have many mutual friends. The service was great and the people were great too. On this particular Sunday they had a fellowship meal after church where I was able to share about the ministry. Pastor Tippins grew up in the area and told me many stories of small town politics and stuff you see in the movies. Very interesting place.

Thanks for all the prayers and inquiries. Until the next report may the peace of God be upon you all in our Lord Jesus Christ!


  1. Thank you Larry for your ministry update. You are truly “boots on the ground” for the Lord. You are in my prayers.

    Jan Johnson




  3. Larry, you are really far from home! Thanks for the updates and I’m praying GOD blesses you continuously as you go forth and preach His Gospel. Be strong in His might and the WORD of His power.


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