Veteran’s Day Lesson

It is a rare time that I would post something different than a evangelism ministry update and report, however this is such a time. I learned something through Veteran’s Day this year. My son who is a Veteran happened to be in town where my niece lives and where I visit frequently – Citrus Heights, California. My association with the area goes back a number of years and when in town I attend Calvary Chapel of Roseville. Thus my son and his wife attended there with me this past Sunday. I had made arrangements ahead of time to introduce my son to the congregation and mention that he is a Vet since it was Veteran’s Day the previous day. Pastor Ken agreed and told me to remind him Sunday morning at church. When I reminded Pastor Ken he said OK but said something to me that got my attention. He said, “you know there are other Vets here today too.” I guess it might be awkward making a special introduction for my son without mentioning the others as well. I thought to myself, “there may be other Vets but they’re not my son”.

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This reminded me of how our heavenly Father feels about his son, Jesus Christ the Son of God. I wanted to honor my son and on a small scale had some insight into how important it is to honor the Son of God. I thought of many verses one being John 5:23 the later half of the verse, “He who does not honor the Son does not honor the Father who sent Him.” This renewed my zeal of preaching the Gospel. That is one way to honor the Son, thus honoring the Father. Great personal lesson for me. Well I did introduce my son and the other Veteran’s were also honored as well. I didn’t get to share everything about my son’s army career and his current role working in law enforcement, which I believe is an extension of that service. If you talked to Matthew he would tell you it is no big deal that he was just doing his duty like any other soldier. But I must share this because after all he is my son. My son’s accomplishments below:

My son Matthew J. DuBois joined the Alaska Army National Guard in 1999 as an infantryman. In 2001 he was called to active duty after the September 11th terrorist attack on the United States. He served one year of active duty following the terrorist attacks. In January of 2003 He was promoted to Sergeant. In October of 2004 He was again called to active duty and deployed for 18 months in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Matthew was deployed to Baghdad, Iraq where he was assigned as a team leader. He led multiple combat patrol missions in and around the city of Baghdad. Most notably during his active duty in Iraq he received the “Combat Infantry Badge” awarded after being ambushed in Iraq with an RPG. He returned home from Iraq in January of 2006 at which time he was honorably discharged from the service. Matthew was awarded the following medals:

Served United States Army 1999 – 2006

  • Army Service Ribbon
  • Expert Marksmanship Badge
  • 3 Army Achievement Medals
  • 9-11 National Defense Service Medal
  • 9-11 Alaska Homeland Security Medal
  • Global War on Terrorism Service Medal in Iraq
  • Overseas Deployment Service Ribbon
  • Armed Forces Reserve Medal
  • Combat Infantry Badge
  • Iraq Campaign Medal for Service in Iraq

Prior to Matthew’s experience in the US Army, as a teenager, was involved in the Police Explorers program with the Juneau Police Department. Upon my son’s return home he joined the Juneau Police Department as an officer in June of 2007.

In 2008, newly on the force, and prior to going to the State Police Academy He was awarded a lifesaving medal for responding to a 25-year old man who had overdosed on heroin. When Matt responded the man did not have a pulse. Matt performed CPR and gained a pulse before the paramedics arrived and then the man was transported to the hospital and lived.

Police Career at a Glance

  • Joined Juneau Police Force – June 2007
  • Lifesaving Medal – 2008 Juneau Police Department
  • Joined S.W.A.T. Juneau Police Department – 2008 until 2017
  • Promoted Field Training Officer – 2009 JPD
  • Officer of the Year – 2012 Juneau Police Department
  • Medal of Valor – 2012 Juneau Police Department
  • Promoted to Criminal Investigations Unit Detective – 2015 JPD

In 2008 Matthew joined the SWAT team and served nine years on the team until just recently. In 2009 he became one of the departments Field Training Officers, teaching new officers on the job training. Matt was awarded the Juneau Police Department’s “Officer of the Year” award medal in 2012.

In 2012 he was also awarded the Medal of Valor for saving another life. He explains in his own words; I was scaling a snowy cliff on the edge of an 80-foot waterfall to reach a woman who had ran from her boyfriend. He was actively abusing her at that time. She fell off the cliff and survived with serious life-threatening injuries. My partner and I reached her and were able to pull her to safety as she was hanging onto part of the cliff. It was a dark winter night. Once we reached her the fire department responded to our location to bring her down safely. The fire department had to call out there special rope team to reach our location. Once they reached us they got her to the ambulance where she was transported to the hospital and survived. I then remained on scene to help recover the body of her boyfriend who also went over the cliff but was deceased upon my arrival.

In 2015 Matthew was moved to the Criminal Investigations Unit as a detective. He works primarily crimes against children. Throughout Matthew’s career he has received many letters of accommodation for cases he has investigated. Several of these include letters from the District Attorney’s office.


  1. Hey Larry Thanks for sharing this story about your son it is great to know the dad behind the son chip off the old block


  2. Thank you Larry for sharing about you son. It’s nice to read about his involvement and his accomplishments. Lord bless.
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  3. It was nice seeing you and meeting Matt Sunday. He certainly has given you reason to be proud. My son did two tours in Iraq as a medic but had to retire after 11 years as disabled. He currently is a male nurse for a Texas Hospital and I am proud of the things he has accomplished. See you soon.


  4. Thanks Larry, great life of selfless serving and sacrificing years of danger for others to have freedom. Proud to have a son like Matt. God bless your family


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