sharing your faith radio with lawrence dubois

Sharing Your Faith – On Now!

I am now hosting this program on evangelism, and we are underway with show number 3 in the works. Each week I will be bringing teaching on evangelism, questions and answers, interviews, and more. One of the segments each week will be a short presentation of the Gospel with interpretation into a foreign language since the station has world access through the internet. Each week we will discuss practical ways for Christians to share their faith. I will have lots of stories to share as well. You can check out the top menu of my site and under Radio Show we will eventually have podcasts, mp3 downloads and other items.

Please come join me on Sharing Your Faith, a new radio program that is up and running as of March 3rd. Please be patient as the bugs are being worked out by the technicians however you can listen to the live streaming broadcast by going to the Program Schedule and looking for the times. Please beware that the days and times are subject to change.

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