Mormon general conference march 2018

Mormon Mania

Over Resurrection Sunday weekend (March 30 – April 1) myself and several brothers in the Lord met up in Salt Lake City, Utah for the Mormon General Conference that took place in Temple Square. I came with Jerry Benson and Jeff Baran on Friday afternoon to SLC. The following morning we joined many other Christians that intended to witness our Lord Jesus Christ to the crowds of Mormons coming to the conference, many from around the world. Our strategy had been established several years ago in response to a much harsher group of preachers that caused lots of uproar. My friend Jeff who has come here for many years in the past made a sign that said, “Friendly Anti” Anti is a term the Mormons use to describe the efforts of the Christians who in their minds are “protesting”. The table with the sign, along with a couple chairs proved effective as many Mormons throughout the day join in conversation and light debates. Myself and a few others did some open-air preaching as well.  It was a great time and a long day.

On Sunday we attended church in Bountiful, Utah where our other friend Jerry Benson grew up. Jerry’s wife Diana came out of Mormonism and thus it was the heart for the cults that formed Jerry and Diana’s ministry; Challenge Ministries, who sponsored this event. After church on Sunday we all headed to the airport with different flights out. Two of those flights delayed but Jerry used the time to evangelize in the airport. The other brothers that join us where; Bob Pilch – Puyallup, Washington; Doug Gowker – Winnemucca, Nevada, Rob Butterfield – Winnemucca, Nevada.


  1. God bless you all for doing that! I have Mormon relatives in Utah and pray their eyes will be opened to the TRUE JESUS. Especially appreciate you being a balance to the harsh preachers who don’t display God’s love and gentleness.


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