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The real documentary, “Don’t Marry the Dragon” was a brainchild of mine in 2000. I called it a “journey into the heroin lifestyle”. It is based on a poem I wrote in jail. It turned out better than I could have imagined. After the video’s release I had many opportunities that opened up to me in speaking engagements, radio interviews, and doing seminars to rehabs, medical personnel, and schools. The Lord called me away from all that to preach the Gospel which I have been doing basically full time since 2006 upon my arrival to California and SOS Ministries.

Keep in mind the video is made for the unsaved. It by no means is a Christian video although I share the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and teach on sorcery from the Word of God. The video is surrounded in American pop culture using drug terms and street slang. You could say it’s rough around the edges. Although with students in mind, the majority of the orders came from police agencies, institutions, and family members of heroin addicts.

Highlights in a Timeline

2000 – Prayer, painstaking research, planning, field work and commitment provided a finished product in January 2003.

2003 – The original video on VHS and then later on DVD, was seen all over the United States, Canada, England, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Puerto Rico, and was shown on a Russian television channel in the FSU through translation.

2003 An estimated 1,5000 copies distributed free through the website and individually during the first two years. After that it was shown via the internet for some period of time.

2004 I served on a community based “Meth Action Team” led by the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Department. Besides putting on anti-drug seminars for schools my role was to be the liaison between our group and the US Senate office of Patty Murray.

2006 I met with the detectives of the Sacramento Police Department. At that time SPD was using the video in their police training as were many police agencies across the country.

2008 I was approached by a representative of Al Roker and MSNBC in New York and sold them 30 seconds of raw footage for their use in a similar documentary.