Don’t Marry the Dragon

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Heroin Addiction Video

The full-length video (80 Min) is available below for viewing. If you represent a police agency, rehab, or other institution and need a DVD copy for whatever reason you can order one by going to the order video page. The video is free, plus free shipping at this time.

PLEASE READ BEFORE VIEWING: The video is considered “Real Documentary” therefore; it is very graphic in nature. It is not recommended for small children. Graphic images include medical photos and video that show damaged tissue and alike of the human anatomy. All images of the deceased are real. All images of the use of drugs and drug paraphernalia are real. There’s no vulgar language and there are no sexual explicit scenes. Viewer discretion is advised.

Don’t Marry the Dragon © 2003 All Rights Surrendered!

In 2009 I produced a shorter 20-minute video that focuses on the health consequences of heroin. “Heroin & Health Consequences” although uses some footage from “Don’t Marry the Dragon” has some new footage and improved graphics. Watch video below!


  1. I am a substance abuse counselor in the Therapeutic Community at Westville Correctional Facility in Indiana. We have a program servicing over 600 offenders. We used to have a copy of the DVD “Don’t Marry the Dragon” which we used in our orientation phase, and it was very effective. Unfortunately, it either got stolen or lost and I would be very grateful if we could have another copy.

    You could send it to:
    Allen Hines Program Director
    Therapeutic Community
    Westville Correctional Facility
    5501 South 1100 West
    Westville, IN 46391


    1. So good to hear from you guys. Time flies. Yes unfortunately the problem is getting worse not better. I had the video in its entirety on YouTube however they censored the audio so I removed it. Long story but had something to do with copyright. I would like to get it online at some point when I find the time. Right now it has taken a backseat to my current evangelism travels. The video is however to go into San Quentin prison pending approval and to the schools in the Philippines, hopefully this spring.


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