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Sharing Your Faith Radio

Lawrence DuBois Sharing Your Faith Radio

The new internet radio show, “Sharing Your Faith” is now on the air at First Love Radio. This one hour program on evangelism will be broadcasted once a week. For now the show is running several times a day as further testing and adding of other programs is being processed and bugs taken out. I host this show with teaching, interviews, Q & A, and more. You can check when the show will air; go to: Program Schedule. Please note that this is subject to change.

Stay At Home Evangelist

We you may be wondering about the new title change and my status. I am getting to a point in my life and ministry where I am not able to do what I used to do. Those of you who are getting older can relate. It is time for me to think about what the Lord would have me to do next. I have some new opportunities presented before me at this time. Because of the weakness in my flesh I am unable to go out street preaching like I used to. Once I returned from my latest trip I realized how much God’s grace had enabled me to do what I had done in traveling the country preaching. Now that I have been back here at home-base for several months I realize I will no longer attempt to travel with the frequency and intensity as I had in the past; thus the phrase; stay at home evangelist.

Don’t Marry the Dragon Video Restored

Canon GL1 Mini DV Video Camera

This heroin addiction video is once again available. The video is free, plus free shipping at this time. The real documentary, “Don’t Marry the Dragon” was a brainchild of mine in 2000. I called it a “journey into the heroin lifestyle”.
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