Preaching Videos

San Diego This video taken December 2017 in Balboa Park, San Diego. December Nights is an annual event the first weekend of December to celebrate the Christmas season. Larry DuBois (me), Eric Baxter, and Jerry Benson. (3 minutes)

San Francisco – San Francisco has been the city where most of my street preaching has taken place over the years. This video taken by someone when I was out with SOS Ministries. Because it was before Christmas there were lots of shoppers out. (5 minutes)

Portland – This was video taken in June of 2013 in Portland, Oregon. We were at the Saturday market at the Skidmore fountain in the Burnside district. We call this “Vanity Fair”. This was the last time I preached with brother James Lafayette, who soon after went to be with the Lord.

San Francisco – This video is a melody of several preaching excerpts of myself in San Francisco over the last many years. At the risk of vanity I do offer many videos of myself in order that other ministries and potential hosts can view to see the actual ministry I am involved in. Most all the videos taken are without my knowledge until after the fact. (4 minutes)