The Calling

I always had a heart to witness and evangelize ever since I was saved. It was probably in the mid 1990’s I felt a call and an urge to do what is called, “open air preaching”. It is simple; you just go and stand where people are and begin preaching the Gospel to them. Sounds easy enough. Well around this time I read a short section in a larger book on evangelism. The man who wrote about open air preaching did most of it in foreign countries. I do not remember his name but I certainly remember his statement. He said, “If public speaking gives you butterflies, open-air preaching gives you helicopters”. I have always been timid and could relate to that statement. Open-air preaching was certainly out of my comfort zone. For the longest time I didn’t know anyone who did this type of evangelism. Every Christian I talked to thought it to be archaic and said it was the wrong way to share about Jesus Christ. I was easily persuaded and suppressed the desire to open air preach. Eventually I broke free from this and started to dabble a bit on my own. I would go to the normal places where I witnessed one-on-one in my hometown but there was not enough people. I thought I needed a bigger crowd to warrant the preaching. So I would go where bigger crowds were and then chicken out. I did this many times and through much failure and much prayer, I managed to accomplish some open-air preaching. Looking back there were about five times I preached very early on, but do not remember exactly the first time I preached.

Years later in 2006 was when I started to preach in public regularly. I had joined SOS Ministries in the San Francisco Bay Area after moving to California. I was with SOS a total of about seven years. I learned much during this time and gained a lot of experience preaching in San Francisco and Berkeley, primarily on the weekends. Eventually I started going out several weekdays preaching as well. This became almost an everyday occurrence by 2008. In 2010 I started to take some trips to other cities and preach there. The first of these new cities was Sacramento. I had also lived there for a brief time too. My preaching and evangelism ministry continued to expand both geographically and in frequency. I devoted more and more time to the street preaching. At some point it became a full time ministry and in January of 2015 I left SOS Ministries. I was sent out by Christ Bible Church and went preaching across America. For the last 33 months I have gone through the entire lower forty-eight states preaching over 400 times to over 160 cities. I completed this journey in November 2017. Being over sixty years old now you can find me somewhere on the West Coast preaching the Gospel. The Lord has been very good to me and has supplied all my needs as promised in His Word.